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What is masterbatch?
A thick mixture containing three components, a polymer base, chemical additives and an active compatibilizing agent as a dispersant.
Master batches contain a large amount of color powder, mineral fillers or chemicals that are added to the polymer for three different purposes to produce color, improve properties, or reduce the total price, and its appearance is granular.

Types of masterbatch:
Process help
Anti UV
Viscosity modifier
Flamethrower delay
humidity absorber
IR absorber
anti slip
Impact modifier

Process aid: polyethylene film, drip irrigation pipes, high pressure polyethylene pipes, wire and cable industries

Antioxidant: greenhouse films, drip irrigation pipes, polyethylene film, high pressure polyethylene pipes, PPRC pipes

Anti-UV: agricultural films, ropes, fibers, cables, injection molding parts, extrusion pipes, polyethylene tanks, car parts, cardboard, sack and jumbo

Slipper: single or multi-layer PP and PE films, extrusion products, foams

Anti-blocking: PP and PE films, PP sheets, extrusion products, molding of blow and injection products

Polishing: polyethylene films, disposable containers, PP film and sheet, inflatable and injection products, fibers

Clarifier: disposable containers, IML containers, injection molded parts, film and sheet

Antistatic: polyethylene films, PP PE PS injection parts, rotational molding products, disposable containers, plastic cartons, sacks and bags, PP films and sheets, pipes

Anti-fog: PP, PE, E VA films, food and pharmaceutical packaging, greenhouse films

Flame retardant: electrical appliances, auto parts, profiles and panels, wire and cable industries, disposable containers, PP pipes and fittings

Deodorant: toys, films and injection parts to improve the smell of all kinds of plastics, including polyethylene and propylene.

Cleaner: They are used to remove paint deposits and burnt materials in the extruder

Moisture absorber: the presence of water in polymer raw materials in most processes, including extrusion and film injection, which reduces quality, is used to dry all types of polymer materials.

IR absorber: These master batches help the plants and provide a balanced temperature for the environment inside the greenhouse during the night.

Degrader: for food packaging containers including water glasses, fast food packaging, bottles, cans, garbage bags and shopping bags.

anti slip
Impact modifier
Viscosity modifier

It is one of the most used cases in the production of polymer films, in which it reduces the adhesion of the film surface by means of masterbatch Antiblock.

Advantages of using master batches:
By using master batches, it is possible to save the time, energy and cost of mixing these powders and labor, and using these compounds is economical.

Characteristics of a good masterbatch:
1) The compatibility of the masterbatch polymer base with the materials and manufactured goods
2) Stability of color or properties in the frequency of use
3) Desirable technical specifications
4) Uniform concentration and appropriate percentage of additive or pigment
5) Low consumption
6) Not causing problems in the production process of the final product