About BASTA polymer

Iranian Basta Polymer Company was founded by a group of active scientific forces, elites and university graduates with the aim of creating a transformation in the production and sale of polymer engineering products, masterbatches and additives required by the plastic industry, as well as biodegradable polymers and additives.

Special conditions in the production of special polymer products, including mixing technology and advanced formulations, have required the acquisition of superior technologies. Based on this, relying on domestic expertise and using the latest international scientific articles, we have been able to take another step to honor our beloved country and, in addition to meeting domestic needs, we can also develop exports with the neighbors of this border and in line with regional goals. We will establish a canvas.

Commitment to quality, belief in innovation, commitment to knowledge-based entrepreneurship in the direction of sustainable development, value addition for customers and sales resulting in a win-win result for the seller and consumer, the fundamental values and strategy of this company in order to achieve the lofty visions of the founders. It is .

The social missions of protecting the environment prompted Iranians to pay special attention to research and research in the field of biopolymers and degradable polymers and with the slogan “A clean earth for children” started a technological movement towards a world free of polymer waste. to do

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