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Color masterbatches

Color Masterbatches

Solid pigments with different colors that used for producing of color masterbatches act either by absorbing parts of the spectrum and reflecting other parts depend on chemical structure.

Basta polymer iranian color masterbatches offered on the following five categories:

  • Organic and inorganic pigment masterbatches
  • Metallic masterbatches
  • Pearlescent masterbatches
  • Fluorescent masterbatches
  • Custom-made masterbatches

The company manufactures a comprehensive range of color masterbatches with Becolor® brand name relying on the technical knowledge via improved formulations and the latest technology of compounding machinery which can make unique feature masterbatches according to the latest universal standards with highest concentration of pigmentsIn addition, various formulations according to customer demand can be produced.




  • Optimized formulations based on the standards offered in this area
  • Using a variety of resins depend on formulations
  • High concentration of pigments
  • High-quality dispersion of pigment in polymer matrix
  • Avoid the formation of agglomerates
  • Using High-quality pigments


  • Intense coloring and coating
  • High color stability
  • Uniform dispersion of masterbatch without dots in end-product
  • Reduction in consumption of masterbatch due to higher concentration of pigment
  • High thermal stability