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Calcium carbonate filler masterbatch

Calcium carbonate masterbatch is a widely used material that is widely used as a filler in the plastic industry. However, the lack of proper distribution and distribution of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the polymer base in these masterbatches leads to problems in the production of various products.


Iranian Besta Polymer company, with the proper design of the formula, the use of calcium carbonate with the right particle size, as well as the strong and controlled mixing of materials, using the most advanced polymer compounds production machine, has produced calcium carbonate filler masterbatches under the brand name Be-ccf® with It produces excellent quality and features with different amounts of calcium carbonate powder based on different resins. Increasing the amount of calcium carbonate loading in this product compared to the existing calcium carbonate masterbatches makes it possible to use this product more while maintaining the final properties and ultimately further reducing the total price.


In addition, the calcium carbonate filler masterbatch produced in this company is also used for the production of other products, including stone paper and decorative stones, and according to the order of our esteemed customers, its special grades can be supplied for the above purposes.


  • Very strong mixing of calcium carbonate with base polymer
  • Uniform distribution of calcium carbonate in the polymer bed
  • Removal of accumulated particles in the produced masterbatch
  • Use of high quality calcium carbonate



  • No graininess in the final product
  • Improve the ability to print surfaces
  • Reduction of stringing of fibers
  • Easy processing
  • Film production capability
  • Ability to produce stone paper
  • Ability to produce decorative stones