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Today, various raw materials are used in manufacturing industries to make all kinds of products. Among these raw materials, we can mention the types of granules that are used in various manufacturing industries. With the help of granules made from recycled materials, the production cost can be reduced to a great extent. Among the applications of recycled granules, it can be mentioned that it is used in the production of plastic products, the construction industry, the electrical industry, etc.

What is granule?
Granule is one of the most useful raw materials used in manufacturing industries. Granule is a unique polymer structure that is used in the preparation of various products, especially plastic materials. In fact, all kinds of granules are offered in the market in the form of small pellets and plastic pieces, which are used in the production process of various products. In the preparation of recycled granules, various plastic materials and wastes are used, including car tires, and are used in the production of new products. To use granule in industries, it is used in a melted form.

Types of granules
As you know, a large amount of plastic material is thrown away in the form of waste every day. By collecting these plastic wastes and producing granules, these materials will be re-entered into the production cycle, and in this way, the production of raw materials will be saved to a great extent. Various raw materials with different quality are used in the preparation of granules. The higher the quality of the raw materials used in the production of granules, the more effective it will be in improving the quality of the final product made from granules. Due to the widespread use of granules in various manufacturing industries, today a large volume of granules is produced and consumed in the market.

Production methods of all kinds of granules
Today, many factories across the country are working in the field of granule production to meet the needs of domestic industries. In the granule production line, in the relevant industries, according to the application of granules, different methods are used to make these raw materials. Currently, granule production lines operate in two general ways.

Types of granules
String granule production line
Simpler devices and machines are used in the string granule production line. In this method, which is mainly used in manufacturing industries in Iran, all kinds of plastic are made into thin strands after passing through different stages. After passing through the water pool, these molten plastic strands are directed to a special mill and dried after being cut into pieces. The granules produced in the filament lines are in the form of small plastic.

Dry granule production line
The machines used in dry granule production lines are complex and more accurate. In the aforementioned production method, crushed plastics that are the result of recycled materials are cut by special blades after melting and passing through special sieves. The crushed beans enter a special pipe path by a suction device and become cold and dry in the shortest time. Granules obtained from dry granule production lines are similar to granules produced by petrochemical industries.

Offering all kinds of granules in the market
Currently, in the manufacturing industries in the country, various types of granules are prepared with variety in the type of construction and quality and are available to different industries. Among the first-class types of granules used in industries, we can mention rubber granules, inflatable granules, polyethylene granules, construction granules, etc. The quality of the granules available in the market varies depending on the type of materials used in the production, and hence it reaches the buyer with a quality rating. Some of the polymer materials used in making polymer have excellent quality and can be melted and used several times. By getting the necessary information about the different types of granules and according to their application, you can get the right granules through sales agents.

Applications of different types of granules
As it was said, different types of granules with variety in quality are produced in the country, which have many uses in different industries. One of the cases of wide application of granules is in the plastic industry, which includes various products. Since the raw materials used for the production of plastic products are expensive, high-quality granule samples are used in the production of most plastic products. Other uses of this product include making door and window profiles, which are used in building construction. Due to the strength and durability of granules, it is used in the preparation of all kinds of door and window profiles.

Other applications of granules
Electricity industry is one of the other industries that consume types of granules. For example, we can mention the use of granules to prepare electric cable covers, which greatly reduces the costs related to the production of these products. Another granule used in this industry is electric duct granule, which is prepared with the help of first-class raw materials. Thick cables used in the electrical industry require a safe and standard plastic sheath. Different types of granules are used in preparing the coating of these cables.

Among the materials used in the road and construction industry are asphalt and concrete. It is one of the raw materials required for the production of asphalt and granular concrete, which helps the strength of these products. At present, high-quality granules are used in the construction of asphalt and concrete.

Among the other applications of granules, it is possible to mention the production of various types of flooring. The use of various types of granules in the preparation of flooring increases the strength of the flooring and also increases the useful life of these products. Among the granules available in the market are granules prepared from PVC materials, which are used in making all kinds of cabinets and closets.

Advantages of using granules in manufacturing industries
As you know, recycled and waste materials are used in the production of granules. Due to the daily and extensive production of plastic waste, leaving this waste in nature causes environmental pollution. While using these wastes in granulation industries, a large amount of these materials return to the production cycle. It also prevents environmental pollution. On the other hand, manufacturing industries that need plastic raw materials are forced to pay high costs for raw material procurement. By using different samples of granules in the relevant production industries, production costs can be significantly reduced.