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What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a family of thermoplastic polymers. It is a transparent, resistant and impact-resistant material for construction purposes. The hardest material is transparent, which is a suitable alternative to glass, which is used in various construction sectors. The structural variety of polycarbonate sheets makes it possible to use it on any type of structure, next to any type of building material.

Features of polycarbonate sheet: They are light and transparent They pass the light They can be injected and recycled High strength compared to plastic, impact and scratch resistance, high flexibility, good thermal insulation, non-flammable and self-extinguishing at high temperature and non-conductive. It is a light and shock-resistant sheet with a high variety of colors, which makes this product capable of variable shading and light transmission. Polycarbonate sheet applications:

1) Construction of roof coverings for parking lots, greenhouses, swimming pools and sports stadiums 2) Construction of false ceiling 3) Making car parts 4) Building the walls of the sheds 5) Construction of pedestrian bridges 6) Construction of separating walls 7) Construction of shade and covering of skylights of warehouses 8) partitioning, decorative domes, making chambers 9) Construction of bus station and telephone kiosks 10) Making compact discs 11) Use in growing plants 12) Making hats, prescription glasses, eye lenses, car lights and ampoules 13) Military industry and aircraft manufacturing industry and making bulletproof glass 14) The use of polycarbonate in automobile manufacturing due to its high impact resistance properties and high transparency in car interior decorations, sunroof, especially in the glass of car lights

Disadvantages of polycarbonate: One of the biggest disadvantages of the double-walled type is when it is cut by any sharp object. Top heating of polycarbonate sheets in the hot months of the year Being smoky during fire Surface roughness of polycarbonate sheets The high price of polycarbonate sheets due to having an anti-UV coating Materials that damage the polycarbonate sheet: humidity Over time, dust makes these types of sheets dirty and water enters the grooves of the sheet. Therefore, it should be closed and sealed through glue Strong winds and wrong installation of sheets